An Interview with Mia Galison

Et rigtig fint interview med eeBoo’s kreative dirktør, Mia Galison

eeBoo’s Creative Director Mia Galison sat down with ASTRA’s Play Experts to answer some questions about childhood, inspiration, education and, of course, eeBoo! Read a few of our favorite quotes below, however, you will have to read the interview to find out what Mia’s favorite Fairy Tale is!

On Literacy:

“Literacy is a term that encompasses many skills that are not only necessary for later life, but actually essential for a young child to develop—vocabulary, socialization, sequential thinking, imaginative opportunities– these are the tools that allow a child to jump in and comprehend the world.”

On Parenting:

“As our children got older we always read to them before bed and always let them pick out books at tag sales for their libraries.  We got them library cards as soon as they were allowed to get one and they spent many summer afternoons in our air conditioned public library.”

On Classic Stories:

“It is also one of the great joys of parenting—connecting to your own childhood and those parts of yourself that you might have forgotten.”

On eeBoo:

“We want to facilitate those joyful and memorable times of discovery, imagination and shared fun.”


Thanks for reading!!!


3 thoughts on “An Interview with Mia Galison

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