An ice-cream party

Even though it is poring down rain where we are, we still love to think back at the weekend were we had the chance to participate in a young girls birthday party.blog_fødselsdag_2The theme was ice-cream and princesses! All the girls came all dressed up. The table was decorated with an ice cream matching game. It looked great!blog_fødselsdag_3At the party the girls made cute little drawings of muffins on magic shrinking paper. It was a great success and the girls loved to see their cute little drawings shrink into tiny muffins thet could bring home as a small memory of a great day.

An ice cream stand was build, so that the host could serve all the ice cream guests. It worked out really well and the girls loved to wait in line for their turn. blog_fødselsdag_4As accessories ice cream cones was used and the girls could eat their ice cream with tiny spoon in decorative colors. They could choose from all kinds of sprinkles and make sure that their ice creams were extra-over-the-top fantastic.

If you want to make your own ice cream, you can always check out the recipe that we did earlier this year. Read the post here.blog_fødselsdag_6Let yourself inspire by the ice cream party and hopefully you can get to do your own ice cream party.


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