Visiting Moulin Roty in France

Quite recently we went to France to visit Moulin Roty and also to see the new collection.

This week a lot of the new items has arrived at our warehouse and we are so excited. We promise you that you will find many great new favourite designs and characters.

What you probably already know about Moulin Roty – or maybe you do not know yet so here it is –  is that the designers creates these scenes and stories when they develop new designs. These stories and thoughts, they told us during our stay at their headquarters in Nantes, in France. It was a great experience to be taken behind the scenes and learn about their ideas and features for each and every product.


These new funny story-telling tools with animals forces you to use your imagination when coming up with fantastic new bedtime stories. Mix and match the animals bodyparts and make completely new and funny looking animals for your story. blog_moulinroty_6

This is a beautiful poster that we saw in the center of Nantes from an old ballet show.blog_moulinroty_4

All over the office the wall were decorated with posters and funny shapes as a part of introducing a new collection or a new Moulin Roty universe. blog_moulinroty_8

The beautiful drawings of ballerinas dancing their ballet at night all dressed up… We loved them!blog_moulinroty_9

The rock’n’roll friends are all very cool and badass! They go to parties in their colourful outfits and have funny looking hairdo’s. Could this be one of your new best friends?

We can’t wait to show you more new items in the web-shop when more and more shipments will arrive at our warehouse over the next couple of months. So promise to stay tuned.


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