New collection from Lorena Canals

A new collection from Lorena Canals is on its way – and we are stunned by the many great designs.

Lorena Canals celebrates 15 years with washable rugs on the market and this special occasion has led to an entire collection of washable rugs for the home.

Beside being extremely beautiful we also discovered a tendency when reading the latest issue of Alt Interior. The latin american vibes!

Colorful living and burned colors are taking over our style. We love it and we love the fact of how easily you can implement these new rugs into your homes. There is something for everyone: the kids room, the living room, kitchen etc.




Remember that all rugs are handmade on Lorena Canals own factory in Nothern India. This means that every single rug is unique in its own way.


Lorena Canals is the owner and the designer of all the rugs and she is involved in the entire process promoting these amazing washable rugs to the entire world – now for the 15th year in a row.


Do you have a new favorite yet?

They will be available in October 2016.

See more online or at


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