SNAK – a conversation game for kids

We warmly welcome this new addition to the Michelle Carlslund family, the conversation game called SNAK. SNAK means “talk” in danish.

The game is a fun training ground for kids to rehearse good and open dialogs with each other and/or the grown-ups around them in a safe and pleasant environment.

Michelle Carlslund is the creator behind all the cute and fun illustrations on the cards. The illustrations invite the viewer into a warm and nostalgic universe full of fun and fairy tales. snak-game-box

Frederik Svinth is the creator behind the grown-up version of SNAK and has now also made this version for children. Frederik works professionally with getting people to talk more openly about everything in life.


We have already tried out this new game and highly recommend to play this at home with the family. It is a great way of forcing the children to put words on their experiences and thoughts on each little subject.

The game is in stock from Tuesday the 25th of October. Find it online here.

Share your SNAK moments with us, use the hashtags #snakgame #snak



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